Established in 2003, Shanghai MEYER Garment Co Ltd is the exclusive distributor of German brand MEYER in China. The company's senior management staff has more than 20 years of experience in the promotion and sales of menswear and has trained a large number of professionals.

The company has created a multi-faceted pre-sale/in-sale/after-sale service system, along with a professional and highly efficient logistics warehousing system. After years of steady development, the company has also developed a strong distribution system, and its sales network covers high-end department stores in major cities across China.

MEYER has been widely recognized by Chinese consumers for its excellent quality and unique market positioning, and it’s become a leader in the domestic market. Through the dedication to the clothing culture concept of washing, wearing and maintenance, the company has developed MEYER’s professional image from product to service and established a leading position in the field of imported men's trousers.